Parents Review

Eric Nichols

Courthouse Academy has made us feel like part of the family. My son started with them as part of the 20-21 school year for 4th grade. He has flourished and learned so much! We could not be happier with his growth and development!

Fidel Soler

Well, where could I start?! This is a top notch school with excellent staff and leadership. Their passion and dedication to the students go above and beyond words. In spite of the challenges that this year has brought for many, Courthouse Academy has amazingly managed to keep its doors open and the students safe. I would not imagine a better place for my kids to go! As a Hispanic immigrant, I wanted my kids to be bilingual as their parents, and Courthouse has done a much better job of what we could do at home. If you want your children to experience a loving, yet academically challenging, environment, this is the place to go!

Marcella Wells

Courthouse Academy has been wonderful for our children! Both of our kiddos attended Courthouse for the preschool years and then we moved on to public schools when they were old enough. When Covid hit and the schools went virtual, Courthouse Academy welcomed us back with open arms and treated our children as if they had never left. My son and daughter are getting a good education from caring people. We are very happy we discovered Courthouse Academy!

Yvonne Cook

Had I know about Courthouse Academy years ago I would have enrolled my son in this school from 1st grade. Courthouse Academy has been a game changer and my son is doing so much better academically. The communication between the staff and parents is mind blowing. I'm sad that he will only get to experience 1 year but at the same time we are grateful for the experience.

Lance DeFoggi

My daughter loves this school! She’s been attending Courthouse Academy since she was three and is learning so much, in English AND Spanish! Her class is small and her teachers are fantastic!

Mike Carey (Mike C)

I have had the opportunity for a number of years to witness the dedication of Courthouse Academy educators and administrators as they nurtured and taught the children at their school. As we know, early childhood education is the cornerstone for our children’s academic journey in life. For example, our son attended Courthouse Academy and as a result he has excelled through the years. He is now in the 7th grade, taking his second year of Spanish (high school level), 9th grade Algebra (high school level) and a number of other advanced academic classes. Courthouse Academy made the early childhood education process fun for our son, which increased his desire to learn. Lastly, when teachers make that connection with their students, they create a desire for the student to want to learn more...and that’s exactly what Courthouse Academy did with our son. We are grateful that Courthouse Academy was the foundation of our son’s education. It made a significant difference for us and it will make a difference for your student. Thank you Courthouse Academy!

Tonya Boser

Awesome school. Daughter was there from 6 weeks to 4. We were so sad to leave, they were a family to us and to my daughter.

Sarah Bobbio

My son has been going to Courthouse since last summer and we LOVE it! All of the teachers and staff were wonderful with the transition to a new school and went out of their ways to make sure my son felt comfortable with his new surroundings. He looks forward to going to school everyday and is excited to tell me about his day when I pick him up. Ms Jenn (his teacher) is the most amazing teacher and loves on all the kids as if they were hers) we love her!! Thanks courthouse! Y’all are amazing!

Tamara Torres

I Love courthouse Academy! My oldest daughter is nine and used to attend Courthouse Academy and I loved it so much that I chose to enroll my second daughter. The teachers and office staff are so helpful and always welcoming. I also love receiving pictures of field trips and daily activities my daughter is doing throughout her day. I also love the fact there is a Spanish teacher in the classroom as well.

A Win

All 3 of my kids have attended the school and we have enjoyed our time there very much. The staff has always been friendly and attentive to our kids' needs and any concerns or questions we may have. I would definitely recommend the school to any parents looking for a school/daycare for their children.


Amazing school !!!!!! Wonderful teachers and staff! Everyone is so so friendly and always willing to help or answer any questions. Our 3 children LOVE attending Courthouse Academy! They have learned more in a few months at CA than all year at their prior school. The Spanish Immersion curriculum is an outstanding bonus! Our only regret is that they do not offer grades 6-12! We highly recommend CA! Melissa & Julie

Kathy Grissom

Great staff! Wonderful program.

Paul Nolte

Excellent staff. Quality education. FUN!

James Fowler

we love this place!!! Everyone is so friendly

Cristina Rosario-Gándara

Our first year at Courthouse was more than we expected in all the best ways! The staff is so friendly, and they keep it so clean and organized. My son learned so much just in one school year. And he loves speaking Spanish at home! Which is a plus in our Puerto Rican household. They hold plenty of little cute events for the parents and families to come enjoy also! Can’t wait for next year!

Sarah Ullrich

My daughter has been going to Courthouse for a little over 3 months and I absolutely Love it! The staff is so kind and friendly. The teachers really engage with the kids and I love getting updates/pictures throughout the day! 
Sarah Ullrich

Christopher Gamboni

When I drop off my son in the morning the interaction I have with the teachers, other parents and children is heartwarming. It's a very happy place and I feel great heading into work knowing he is in the best hands. When we toured other daycare facilities and then Courthouse Academy there was no question! Not only are the hallways happy and bright but the children seem so enthused and cared for! All of the teachers (regardless of grade) and even the Admin know the students by name and interact with them on a daily basis. What sold me initially was the art and music classes. I love when they send artwork home. I recommend this daycare / school for anyone looking for a safe haven for their child—no matter their age!

Alyson Barker Smith

My daughter has attended school here for three years. We absolutely love the school. She has learned so much here and always has a great time. The activities are varied each day and she has the opportunity to go to dance class, soccer, science classes, and others all the school which is really convenient for working parents. I would highly recommend the school!

Nichole Flynn

I love this school! My daughter is almost 2 and she knows so much! She can identify all her colors, knows her ABC's, can count past 10, comes home everyday singing new songs, she knows her shapes, can say her full name, first, middle and last (and she has two middle names) and so much more! As an educator myself, my daughters education is my highest priority, right up there with her safety and happiness! I'm so thankful I have found a school with such amazing teachers, and staff! My daughter is greeted every morning by whoever she walks past and they know her by name! I couldn't ask for better teachers or a better quality of education! She loves going to school, and I love taking her to this school!

Silvia Santillan

We love love love this school!!! My 5 year old wasn’t ready to go to a big public school setting and this school was EXACTLY what he needed! The teachers and staff are amazing!!! We love the personal attention, small class size & loving “family” type environment 🙂

Caitlyn Beeson

Not only do I love working here, I also get to have my daughter go to school here. She has grown so much since starting at Courthouse. She goes home speaking Spanish and talks about her teachers all the time. She truly shows happiness being at this school. I enjoy the hours I get to work and the wonderful people I get to work with and spend everyday with. This school has been so great for my little family in so many ways.

Nicole Franklin

Our boys (2 and 4) are in school/daycare for the first time and I could have not have asked for a better experience than Courthouse. The teachers for both school and before/after care genuinely love and care about each child’s emotional, intellectual and social needs. They are patient, kind and I love the constant communications they send throughout the day and week. The boys have only been at Courthouse since September 2019 and already know so much Spanish. My 2 year old counts to 20 in both languages and I can see the incredible growth they have made in reading, writing and spelling. I also love that Courthouse prioritizes outside time as much as possible and they say that prayers before lunch/snack (in both languages!), two very important factors for me. I highly recommend Courthouse!

Laura Seigle

After a negative experience with another child care/preschool in the area, I enrolled my 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter at Courthouse in December 2017. This school was, and continues to be, an answer to our prayers. My son has THRIVED here! His PreK teachers in particular were so amazing with him. He grew by leaps and bounds that year, and we ultimately decided to keep him at Courthouse for kindergarten this year. My daughter loves going to school and runs to give her favorite teacher a hug each morning at drop off. Our experience has been so great that our newest addition joined his big brother and sister at school this past summer. The infant room is staffed with teachers who love on him and take great care of him. We are definitely a Courthouse family!

Carl Horton

My Son has been going to Courthouse Academy for 7 years and loves it! He looks forward to going and says he has a lot of fun every day. He is reading above his grade level and is learning Spanish as well. My husband and I are very pleased with the education he is getting while he is having fun. Debbi Horton

Jane Coryell

This school has been a very positive experience for my granddaughter. She has grown socially as well as academically. They offer many extracurricular activities such as art, dance, and steam. The staff is very accommodating and teachers are great and caring. I’m so glad she has had the opportunity to go here

Victoria Bailey

We love this school. I love that they teach Spanish alongside everything they do/learn throughout the day. My son is in the pre-k class and is learning so much more than I thought he would. They do a great job and keeping it fun too. Would definitely recommend!

Jennifer Garcia

My son enjoys going to school thanks to the wonderful teachers. I really like that one teacher speaks Spanish. Staff is very friendly and always willing to help.

Jayanna Ramos

I love being employed through Courthouse Academy! It is so impressive to see children as young as 1 years old learning Spanish daily. Keep up the good work!

Daicy Bravo

Courthouse Academy has opened doors for me and has given me the opportunity to do what I love. I’m going into my third year teaching Spanish to elementary students and have absolutely loved it. I’m surrounded by other amazing teachers and supervisors who are always willing to help. It’s such a kid friendly atmosphere.

Jacquelynn Price

Courthouse is awesome! They have taken my shy little bud and helped her blossom wonderfully. She wants to go to school on Saturday and Sunday. She is always so happy to go to school. She practices her Spanish all day and retains it. They love her like their own daughter and they are our extended family. I love courthouse and recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Angela Smith

The staff are amazing. The teachers take excellent care and attention to each and every child. The front desk is full of friendly faces and are extremely helpful. I wouldn’t have it any other way when choosing a school.

Peter Padlock

These guys are exactly what you would hope to have for childcare.

They update you early and often of any issues or concerns and immediately have solutions. The care they offer is superb And I’m happy I found childcare that’s affordable and keeps me and my wife’s mind at ease.

Jessica Jimenez

My daughter went here from age 3-5 and then is back for 2nd grade. The whole school is awesome. They had pageants for almost every holiday, tond of special events (before covid). Right now, Im just happy that shes getting a great education in spanish and english. She forgot the spanishshe learned from 3-5 but I think its still in the back of her brain because now shes reading and writing and speaking spanish pretty well. Everything about courthouse academy is excellent!

Joseph DePlacido

Courthouse Academy is fantastic. My 2 year old has been here about 6 months now and loves it. He has learned so much. The staff here is amazing and they reach out if anything occurs in the class and takes great care of our child. I would definitely recommend this establishment to anyone looking for fantastic child care, and learning establishment

Megan Ellis

Both of my children have attended Courthouse for 3 years now and I could not be happier! I know that when I leave, they will be well taken care of and you cannot put a price on peace of mind when it comes to your children.

Johanna Medero

Courthouse Academy has been a great experience for me. The children and staff have been amazing to work with. Administration has been wonderful and accommodating my educational journey. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to be a full-time student and work full-time. I hope to work with kids in the future so it has been an amazing stepping stone to becoming a future occupational therapist. I would recommend Courthouse Academy to everyone.

Owen Littlewood

Just a super place to send your kids. So friendly, the activities for them as well as learning Spanish is fantastic.

Howard Tant

Courthouse Academy is a top tier school. The staff and administration are wonderful people. A positive experience all around!

Samantha Bescher

Courthouse Academy is AMAZING and I highly recommend this school! The school provides the kids with an awesome full day, every day Spanish immersion program as well as keeping the kids on par and above the current SOL curriculum. Courthouse academy keeps the classes small which allows the kids to learn effectively and efficiently! The school is always clean and tidy and the staff is fantastic! At the very least, I suggest everyone to take a tour of the school I assure you, you will not be disappointed.
Julie the director is such an amazing person inside and out! She always prioritizes the students and parents and always make you feel like family! Maria is always bubbly and fun and always brightens everyone's day. These two ensure the safety at the school. The teachers are attentive and eager to help the students as they a want everyone to succeed and they keep things fun . The students adore the staff here and looks forward to going to school daily.
Come check out this fantastic, one of a kind school in Virginia Beach! You will not be disappointed!

Lena Ambulo

The faculty and staff at Courthouse Academy have continuously shown the utmost care for the well-being for both of my kids and every other child enrolled. As hard as it is, as a working mother, to leave my children every day, I am very happy to know that they are with very caring and considerate teachers. My every concern that I’ve had has definitely been addressed and resolved with compassion for us as parents. My sons’ teachers do take my concerns about their development, nutrition, and growth to heart as if they were their own kids. They update me on new milestones that they have reached and offer advice on how I can expand on them. They answer my many questions and are on top of anything that they may need refilled or are missing. My eldest son is even learning Spanish words while simultaneously continuing to learn English. I am very happy that my kids have Courthouse Academy to go to every week to learn and play with their peers. It’s very hard for me to leave them, but I am so glad that they enjoy their time at this school.

Lisa Judge

staff is amazing!! fantastic program!!

Kelly Humphrey

Fantastic Staff and Atmosphere. Our kids love to go to school!

Megan Gabriele

My daughter has been a student here for 2 years. We have enjoyed watching her blossom in to a bilingual language learner. The staff is always so compassionate about teaching hands on and offering new experiences. We are very thankful and blessed to be part of the Courthouse Acadmey community!
Megan Gabriele 

Tasha Tabler

Absolutely in love with this school, staff and academics! My daughter Adalia has been attending since she was 2, and I couldn't be more thrilled along with pleased with her progress. My oldest niece Samirah also attended while she was younger. I am thrilled that my 6 year old knows more Spanish than any of us and has that opportunity to excel her languages through her school. My husband and I will also be sending our youngest daughter Eliza at 2. The school reaches 5th grade and I am sure of the fact Adalia (6) will be there until she cannot any longer! I highly recommend to anyone looking for a better curriculum and or daycare. Let's not forget how they also offer numerous programs suited for each type/level of child. It's simply an easy decision in my eyes!

Angela Ryan

We love Courthouse Academy! Jackson started at Courthouse when he was just 3 months old, and Emily started when she was 7 weeks old. Their teachers have always been amazing, and they love going to school. I love that Emily has had all of the same teachers Jackson had. Jackson is such an inquisitive, smart, happy little boy. Emily is such a bubbly, funny, and sweet little girl. I know my kids are getting the greatest early education, I can’t thank Courthouse Academy enough for taking such amazing care of my kids!

Kristi Gamboni

My son is almost 9 months old and has been at Courthouse Academy since he was 3 months old. I'm a working mother and was reluctant to go back to work when he was just 3 months old. I was nervous he wouldn't develop as fast or feel lonely or even miss his mommy. I am proud to say that my fears couldn't be further from the the truth with Courthouse Academy. He has learned and developed at an accelerated rate. A lot of his firsts were AT daycare and not at home. When he first sat up on his own, first crawled backward, first crawled forwards--heck the first time he bounced in a bouncer was after watching another child do it! One day I picked up my son and the teacher handed him to me and he wanted to go back to the teacher. Although my heart sank a little, I was ultimately happy he was loved on in the way I would if I was home with him. He has the sweetest teachers ever and the communication with them throughout the day while I'm at work is OPEN. I love it! I update my coworkers on pictures I receive, post them to my social media, and go back to work with immense peace of mind that Knoxy is dare I say better off at daycare than at home with me. He's interacting with other kids his age on a daily basis (watching their every move), participating in art and music classes, going on stroller walks, listening to christmas music, and living his best life! I couldn't ask for a better daycare situation and I'm really looking forward to entering him into the Spanish immersion program! I highly recommend Courthouse Academy for new moms searching for a great daycare program!

Jen Onuska

My son just started going to Courthouse Academy in September, it has been a great experience for him as well as for me! The teachers in the toddler room do so many wonderful activities to work on fine motor skills and such fun art projects. My son really enjoys the weekly music time with the instructor and I enjoy getting the pictures of him throughout the day. I am so glad my son is attending Courthouse Academy and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a fun and educational experience for their child.

D'Andria Givens

My son and I love this school! This is his first year of attending school and it is the best decision I’ve made. The class sizes aren’t too big which is a plus and the fact that they are learning Spanish at such a young age is an even bigger plus! The curriculum is oraganized and the school itself is always clean and welcoming. I recommend this school to all my friends and family.

salana deen

I was so nervous about putting my 3 year old into school. The minute we walked in I knew she would be great. The ladies in the front....friendly, courteous, welcoming. The atmosphere....kid-friendly. The teachers....knowledgeable, understanding, kind. It’s been nearly a year and my kid is blossoming. I couldn’t be happier and recommend this school for everyone.

Margaret Amy

Our family loves Courthouse! Our little one plays all day with his incredible teachers, and comes home tired! All the teachers and staff are inviting. It is truly an awesome place of learning and play.

Cat Watson

Absolutely love this school. My boys come home excited to share their new experiences . Class sizes are smaller so you are able to develop a relationship with the teacher which enables you to work as a team to ensure your child gets all they need to be successful. We love our Courthouse Academy extended family.

Tamara Torres

I love courthouse Academy! My oldest daughter is 12 now and she used to attend Courthouse Academy. I loved it so much that I enrolled my second daughter. She has been attending for four years now. I absolutely love all of her teachers over the years. I can tell they all have a genuine love for all the students. The year to year transition is amazing. The teachers know all the students and all the students know all the teachers. I love that my daughter is consistently exposed to the Spanish language with a Spanish teacher in every classroom. The administration staff is wonderful and welcoming. They have an art, music, physical education teacher and even a nurse. Just amazing! I love the small class sizes and the open communication I can have with my daughter’s teacher. I especially enjoy receiving photos and videos throughout my day of the all the fun, field trips and learning my daughter is doing. I makes me feel great to pick up my child with a smile on her face and she excited to share with me the things she is learning everyday.

Ashley Neronski

We love Courthouse! I like my son’s teachers. They are very good about communicating with me and keeping me updated on things. It is a great school with small class sizes. My son has been going there for 3 years now. Maria and Julie are great and very accommodating. My son has asthma and they are always sure to be on the look out for his health and I really appreciate that. I feel that they truly do care about my son and his well being.

Jeffrey Lai

Both of our children have attended Courthouse Academy and it has been an extremely pleasurable experience. We enrolled both children in the spanish immersion classes and we love hearing them sing songs in spanish. Overall a great experience and we would highly recommend. -Jeffrey Lai

Jessica Jones

Our son is 5 months old and has been attending Courthouse Academy since he was 11 weeks old. We have loved taking him somewhere where we can visually see that he loves his school and the staff. As soon as we walk him in, he is smiling looking for his favorite teachers to greet him because they welcome him as if he is their own child. With the Corona Virus making everything so scary for new parents right now, Courthouse Academy has really helped us feel comforted knowing our son is in a happy and safe environment. He also started to meet many developmental milestones starting as soon as he began attending this school which has been so fun to see! Something that really impressed us on first touring the school back in January was how clean and organized the entire building was, the different developmental toys in the infant and toddler classrooms, the different activities available to the children, the children responding to their teachers in Spanish in the toddler class (while their teachers were speaking fluently to them in Spanish), and the most impactful part was that the children were so happy and excited to be there and we are happy to now see our son with that same smile daily. We would highly recommend this school to anyone!

Crystal Washington

My daughter has been attending Courthouse Academy since she was 18 months and we love it! The teachers are amazing and all of the front desk staff are great! She’s learning Spanish and retaining it all; and teaching me along the way! It’s an intimate setting and they all know each and every child that walks through the door by name. I couldn’t ask for a better school for my daughter to attend!

Brandi pryor

Two thumbs up! I have two kids attending this school and they love it! 5-star Academic Excellence .They have multiple activity programs to choose from to keep my children active. ( Daughter loves soccer shots 😊) Plus the Administration and Teachers are very caring and understanding. Love the warming diversity also . I would recommend this school to any parent!

Stephanie Frisbee

This school is the best! My babies have been going there for four years! The staff is so kind and loving! It is so amazing knowing my children are in such a nurturing environment with amazing people. I walk down the halls and everyone knows my children, they are always greeted with smiles and love! I’d recommend to anyone!


After working at Courthouse Academy for almost two years, I still cannot express the outpouring love that I have for this job! We are able to work together as one big family and I can see the same joy that I have in other teachers' eyes. I've been able to learn and grow just as much as the students and have created treasured lifelong memories. It's easy to tell how much our teachers care for their students and I've seen them all go the extra mile for them. If you're looking for a job with children or looking for a place to enroll your child, Courthouse Academy is the place for you!

Megan Shaffer

Lucas loves to go to courthouse academy. He came home the other day and told me he saw and got a picture with a baby kangaroo and all the other animals he saw. Lucas was just so happy to tell us about how much fun that was. The teacher and staff are just so nice and welcoming.

DeMolle Breneshia

The day I walked on Courthouse Academy, I met Ms. Maria. We have come from a different childcare where I experienced the worse. The main issue that i had with previous childcare centers is that they have a "cutoff time" which is 9 oclock. I work nights and do not leave work until 700 , not getting home until 730. Then have to get my daughter ready and out of the house to make it by 9 was not possible we were always running at least 10 15 minutes late. I was turned away every single time, and the childcare still managed to take money.
I was so upset and Ms. Maria listened and was very empathetic. There was a 200 registration fee which she waived. Although, Courthouse is excellent on everything as far as academics, social activities for the kids,field trips, you name it. The main thing that I love about Courthouse Academy is that you and your child is not another number or a price, they genuinely care about families. Thank you Courthouse Staff for all that you do for Imani 🙂 You guys are the

Briana Koons

Without a doubt, I would recommend Courthouse Academy to any family looking for a solid educational environment for their children. Courthouse places a strong emphasis on the Spanish immersion experience as well as providing a warm, safe atmosphere.

Kristin Guldenschuh

Courthouse Academy has been the absolute best school for our three children. We enrolled our oldest daughter at Courthouse Academy when she was 2years old. She is now in 1st grade and reading at a 4th grade reading level. Our second child started at Courthouse Academy in the infant room and is currently in the Spanish Immersion pre K class. To see her writing her letters and numbers and communicating with her teachers in Spanish is quite remarkable. Our youngest child also started in the infant room and is getting ready to advance to the “transitional two’s” class. For parents who work outside of the home, choosing the right place to care for your baby is a difficult decision. We knew that we made the right decision for each of our children. The infant and toddler room teachers have been so warm and loving towards our babies (now toddlers and big kids). From the infant room up, we have always felt as though we are leaving our children with others who truly care for them in a safe and nurturing environment. Each day when I drop my youngest off at school, he immediately runs towards his teacher to give her a big hug. This warms my heart and confirms to me that although he cannot verbalize it yet, he truly feels safe and loved when he is at school. Our oldest children have developed strong friendships that we believe will last for years to come. I could go on and on about all of the other wonderful things that this school has to offer including art class, music class and multiple enrichment opportunities. We have watched each of our three children flourish developmentally, socially, and academically while attending Courthouse Academy. The foundation that this school is giving out children will surely set them up for a bright future ahead! 
The Guldenschuh Family

Mario Mata

Everyone is so friendly and it’s like being part of a family at Courthouse! Love the bilingual aspect of the learning for the kids! I think it is so important to teach multiple languages to kids and they incorporate it so well! So many amazing enrichment activities for the kids here! We love it at Courthouse!!

Angelica Pancho

I’ve been working at Courthouse Academy for a little over a year now and I can honestly say I love this job! Between the kids, parents, and staff it is a wonder work environment. I get to work with many different teachers here and I can tell that all of them (from infants to older kids) truly care about their students and families. I recommend this school to everyone looking for employment with children! And this school to any parent looking for an amazing learning environment!

Michelle Henshaw

We LOVE Courthouse Academy! My daughter is in the 3 year old class and also does before and after care here. She loves the in-house field trips (pumpkin patch, Zoo day and NASA)! The staff is amazing and helped her a great deal in transitioning to full school days. It gives me peace of mind knowing she’s in such good hands and that she is truly happy there!!

Cenissa Eikleberry

I’m an educator and a parent with the Courthouse Academy family!
My child has learned so much and I have seen tremendous growth in him since becoming a student at Courthouse. The teacher’s make him feel so loved and welcome, which makes him excited to come to school and see them!
I also love working at Courthouse Academy and am beyond grateful for the amazing administration and teachers I have met since becoming employed here. We are a team, we care about one another, we work together, and we like to have fun. I can’t say enough great things about this company and all the blessings it is has brought to my family’s and my life! You all are incredible and thank you so much for everything you do!!

Summs S

I love this place! It is so friendly and welcomes all types of staff and children. Walking into work feels like another home and I am so happy to be here. Yes sometimes it’s a little overwhelming but it’s all about the kids 🙂

Jennifer Lucy

Courthouse Academy is hands down the best place to work! The support and dedication that is given to the staff as well as the children is insurmountable compared to other places I have seen. My children are grown but if I had little ones, I would definitely bring them.

christina powell

My son has been attending Courthouse for over 2 years and has showed lots of growth in his social and academic growth! He loves everyone from his teacher to the administrators. He hasn't stopped talking about his teacher, Ms. Jenn since getting in her class. Absolutely amazing teacher who loves her students and treats them with love while providing structure and helping them navigate their developmental "hiccups"! Also, their teachers and staff understand the aspects of the military life which is huge in this area!

Chelsea Charles

We are a military family that needed a reliable childcare facility for our 2 year old son. He doesn’t exactly love that mama leaves him but the teachers, especially his favorites Miss Amy and Miss Monifah, are so loving and caring with my son. They hold and hug him when I leave and it usually takes him a few minutes to calm down and then he goes and plays. They are very good about cleaning, I always see them bring out some cleaning solution between diaper changes and activities. They teach them songs in both English and Spanish, my son always comes home with new words and phrases. I love this school, I highly recommend it!

Natalie Lopez

My children LOVE going to Courthouse Academy. Their teachers are phenomenal. They is always an open door policy and the communication with them is never lacking. There is not a day that my children don't want to go to school. They really enjoy the in school field trips that come to the school each month.


As an infant teacher at Courthouse going on for two years now, I enjoy being with babies. Seeing them smile and develop gives me joy. The staff and administration are wonderfully dedicated individuals who strive to do there best everyday!

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