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Find out more about how Courthouse Academy and the positive impact Spanish Immersion can have on your child’s education.

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Find out more about how Courthouse Academy and the positive impact Spanish Immersion can have on your child’s education.

Preschool & Private Elementary School Serving Virginia Beach, VA

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Kristi, Chris and Knox
Transitional Twos
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“During this difficult time, Knox’s teachers have been nothing short of absolutely amazing! They ask about Knox all the time! From Ms. Monifah asking about his counting to Ms. Sonia reminding us to dance with Knox and that he likes certain Spanish songs. Knox’s teachers bring him great joy and I know he misses them SO much! We can’t wait to return to work with the peace of mind that our sons life is enriched with love, laughter, and bilingual education. When this all started he would say “Agua” for water and could count to 13! Now he says “water” and counts “1, mommy, baby”. We’re just not as good of teachers! Can’t wait to bring that enrichment back in his life and we miss you guys more than you know! Thank you for ALL that you do and for caring for our son so incredibly much!”
Ethan Cuniff
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Aiden and Ethan Cunniff will be starting back tomorrow. As someone who works in EMS, your facility in my opinion is one of the safest for our children. Thank you for all that you have done to ensure our children can continue to have a "normal" routine for them.

We are proud to provide high-quality childcare, preschool, and private elementary school programs for Infants through Fifth Graders focused on building a strong educational foundation.

Our mission is to enrich your child’s sense of wonder while nurturing their passion in our fully bilingual English-Spanish school. Your child will graduate not just school ready, but ahead of the curve, in school and in life.

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In an increasingly shrinking world, seeing through the eyes of people who don’t think, look, or sound like us is a coveted skill set, and shows mental flexibility, allowing your child to focus on what unites us all: our humanity.

The Courthouse Academy Difference

This 30 second video provides an at-a-glance overview of Courthouse Academy and what makes us unique. We’re not your typical daycare, preschool, or elementary school.

“SEC commends Courthouse Academy for their continued commitment to safety and security. As members of the SEC community, they are raising the bar to protect what matters most.”


Guided by our nurturing, certified, and highly experienced teachers, we foster your child’s educational growth, laying a strong foundation that will give them an edge now and in life.


A full English and Spanish environment awaits your preschooler or school-age child. Bilingualism has been well documented to be a significant competitive advantage at every stage of life, in school, later in college and getting the best job opportunities.


Education is not just about math, science, art and literature, but also developing critical social skills, and interacting with both other children and adults in a respectful manner. When children have self-esteem and strong social skills, it helps them be confident learners.


Through our engaging curriculum and teaching staff, your child will be more than ready for kindergarten and grade school years – either with us and continue their bilingual education or perhaps leading their peers elsewhere.


We strive to provide each student with one-on-one time to monitor their development and work on specific skills. Our goal is personalized care and attention to help your child discover their potential. As a parent, you’ll love the results.


All our teachers are first-aid and CPR certified. The school has an updated readiness plan in case of emergency. Our top priority is always safety first.


NOT AT ALL! Most of our parents aren’t bilingual – but many pick up many words and phrases from their children! So if you’ve ever wanted to learn Spanish, you get a little fringe benefit of having your child attend Courthouse Academy!
Actually, it’s the opposite – studies show that learning 2 languages at a young age creates new neural pathways in the brain, which has all sorts of benefits, including a greater ability to focus and task switching – both critical life skills that are a huge advantage in school and future work!
The younger you start with a second (or third!) language, the easier it will be for your child, and the greater the benefits.

parent reviews

Angela Smith
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The staff are amazing. The teachers take excellent care and attention to each and every child. The front desk is full of friendly faces and are extremely helpful. I wouldn’t have it any other way when choosing a school.
Peter Padlock
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These guys are exactly what you would hope to have for childcare.

They update you early and often of any issues or concerns and immediately have solutions. The care they offer is superb And I’m happy I found childcare that’s affordable and keeps me and my wife’s mind at ease.
Fidel Soler
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Well, where could I start?! This is a top notch school with excellent staff and leadership. Their passion and dedication to the students go above and beyond words.I would not imagine a better place for my kids to go! As a Hispanic immigrant, I wanted my kids to be bilingual as their parents, and Courthouse has done a much better job of what we could do at home. If you want your children to experience a loving, yet academically challenging, environment, this is the place to go!
Marcella Wells
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Courthouse Academy has been wonderful for our children! Both of our kiddos attended Courthouse for the preschool years and then we moved on to public schools when they were old enough. When Covid hit and the schools went virtual, Courthouse Academy welcomed us back with open arms and treated our children as if they had never left. My son and daughter are getting a good education from caring people. We are very happy we discovered Courthouse Academy!
Eric Nichols
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Courthouse Academy has made us feel like part of the family. My son started with them as part of the 20-21 school year for 4th grade. He has flourished and learned so much! We could not be happier with his growth and development!
Yvonne Cook
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Had I known about Courthouse Academy years ago I would have enrolled my son in this school from 1st grade. Courthouse Academy has been a game changer and my son is doing so much better academically. The communication between the staff and parents is mind blowing. I'm sad that he will only get to experience 1 year but at the same time we are grateful for the experience.
Crystal Franklin-Felton
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My twins love this school and can't wait to go there. Selecting the right school for my children was a difficult decision and an emotional one but, I have to say, I got this decision right! The staff knows my kids, the teachers care and call when there is a concern, and the academics are appropriate and meaningful! I have had a great experience overall and will continue to send my twins to this academy! Keep up the great job and many blessings to your staff!
Alyson Barker Smith
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My daughter has attended school here for three years. We absolutely love the school. She has learned so much here and always has a great time. The activities are varied each day and she has the opportunity to go to dance class, soccer, science classes, and others all the school which is really convenient for working parents. I would highly recommend the school!
Erin Brogan
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Our daughter has been with Courthouse for a year now and we couldn't be happier! We have nothing but positive things to say about their staff! We were very hesitant to place our daughter in school because of specific medical needs she requires, now we couldn't imagine her being anywhere else! Our girl loves to count in spanish and enjoys dance class! I do not have enough words to say about Ms. Jacklynn! She is WONDERFUL to our girl and treats her as her own! If we could request her for every grade level we would!!!

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