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Do reading, spelling, or comprehension difficulties have your child feeling down? The frustration that comes with dyslexia can lead to challenges and trouble in school for children and endless stress for parents. Plus, kids with dyslexia are much more likely to develop low self-esteem. The good news is that we can help! Reading Success Lab has a patented online dyslexia tutoring program that has been proven to work over and over again, and we are certain that our service can help your child too.

Why is Online Tutoring Good for Kids with Dyslexia?

The reason that our online tutoring works so well for dyslexic children is that we use a phonics-based program that has been developed and refined by some of the greatest minds in dyslexic child education and software developers in the world. The good news about this learning difficulty is that it can be beaten!

Our tutoring services are very effective. We offer 100% live tutors to provide the kind of one-on-one attention that your child needs and deserves. Our convenient online format allows our tutors to connect with your child when it is most convenient for you. Our students and parents enjoy having a tutor with flexible scheduling who can be accessed online any time, from any location, on any device.

Why Choose Reading Success Lab?

When you use Reading Success Lab’s online dyslexia tutoring, you'll also gain unlimited access to our proprietary educational software that has been designed specifically for children with learning disabilities. Our students love our tutoring because we make it fun and engaging for them. Parents love our tutoring because of the extras their children get, and because of our low rates. Plus, there are never any hidden fees or contracts when children learn with Reading Success Lab. We specialize in working with children, as our goal is to help them learn how to read and comprehend on a meaningful level. Our tutoring and software really work!

It Really Works!

You can check out some of our reviews online to see what our customers have said about the Reading Success Lab program. You'll see reviews such as the following:

“My daughter can actually read on her own now, and she enjoys it!”

“I can't put into words how much my child's confidence has increased since she started your online tutoring. Thank you!”

“Jesse is finally comprehending his lessons so much better. His tutor was a real life-changer!”

Try it Risk-Free

To make our offer even sweeter, Reading Success Lab offers a free trial that is fully refundable if you're not satisfied or if you don't see real progress with your child's reading. We encourage you to sign up for your free trial and see for yourself why our online dyslexia tutoring is the number one program in the world. Our system of learning reading has helped countless children develop their reading skills and confidence, and we'd love to help your child too.

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