we're open & SAFE!

We've always been spick and span,
yet now we're exceedingly clean.

we're OPEN & safe!

We've always been spick and span,
yet now we're exceedingly clean.

During this difficult time, we continue to fill your child’s day with love, laughter, and bilingual education. Hear what parents have to say:

Kristi, Chris and Knox
Transitional Twos
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“During this difficult time, Knox’s teachers have been nothing short of absolutely amazing! They ask about Knox all the time! From Ms. Monifah asking about his counting to Ms. Sonia reminding us to dance with Knox and that he likes certain Spanish songs. Knox’s teachers bring him great joy and I know he misses them SO much! We can’t wait to return to work with the peace of mind that our sons life is enriched with love, laughter, and bilingual education. When this all started he would say “Agua” for water and could count to 13! Now he says “water” and counts “1, mommy, baby”. We’re just not as good of teachers! Can’t wait to bring that enrichment back in his life and we miss you guys more than you know! Thank you for ALL that you do and for caring for our son so incredibly much!”
Ethan Cuniff
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Aiden and Ethan Cunniff will be starting back tomorrow. As someone who works in EMS, your facility in my opinion is one of the safest for our children. Thank you for all that you have done to ensure our children can continue to have a "normal" routine for them.

11 Aerus Air Scrubbers Eradicate Contagion 24/7

In an effort to improve the indoor air quality and help reduce the amount of airborne pathogens, we have installed 11 Aerus Air Scrubbers in all of our air handling systems.

These devices create scrubber ions that travel through the ductwork into every corner, effectively treating and purifying all the air and surfaces within the building, to significantly reduce or eliminate a wide variety of bacteria and viruses.

We follow these Communicable and Infectious Disease Guidelines

How Courthouse Academy is Upgrading for the Future…

Frequently Asked Questions!

We are taking temperatures of all students and team members. We are not allowing anyone from the outside in and we are following CDC recommendations.
We are washing hands with soap and water several times a day, doing temperature checks, maintaining social distancing as best we can, cleaning and sanitizing all areas of the school. We are limiting classroom capacity to a maximum of 10.
We will open full time as soon as we are permitted to do so.
We have divided our staff into 2 teams. The teams work alternating weeks to limit exposure and continue to receive the pay they were receiving before the pandemic.
We are keeping rooms at 10 maximum including the teacher.
Packets are ready any time after Mondays after 3:30pm.
We are sorry, during this time we are not allowing any medications into the building that may mask a fever.
We are sending any children home that develop a fever of 99 degrees or exhibits any symptoms that we deem unsafe.
We are spraying all equipment down after each class uses it.
No, unfortunately, we are not allowing anyone into the building that is not a team member of a student. We are trying to limit exposure in the school.

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