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Cloud Computing Training in Washington DC

An AWS certification looks great on your resume and will automatically boost your earning power. Some reports state that the average cloud employee can boost their income by 70%, especially if they take up three or more AWS courses for their career. Employers will appreciate the effort it took to earn the course and consider it a commitment towards improving your work performance.

The AWS cloud computing training in Washington DC speaks for itself and gives you a competitive edge over similar staff. We are keen on helping you gather all the technical skills you need to get through the exam, as well as achieve significant success in your career or business. Consider the following AWS certification course for all the different career paths.

Types of AWS certification training and courses

Cloud technology

The top Amazon AWS courses online allow individuals to build their know-how of cloud computing. We suggest that you take this course if your career or business involves the sales, technical and financial aspects of cloud computing.


The following are all the AWS courses and training courses to help with design applications for AWS architects:

AWS Certified Solutions at an associate level, which allows students to design and manage different applications. This course is excellent for security and disaster management and troubleshooting and deploying solutions for the AWS system.

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect course with a professional level has a two-year learning experience and allows students to optimize the architecture by applying different designs on the application.


The AWS course is for software engineers who want to learn more about developing cloud solutions and AWS architecture. Applicants usually have some certification in another AWS course before starting the two-year course to become a developer.


This career option involves the system administrator and sysops administrator who create and manage a range of deployable applications on the network. The AWS Certified Sysops administrator will learn how to migrate data and deploy different applications. The AWS Certified DevOps engineer gets to experience learning the specific topics on how to deploy different AWS processes to build them into the AWS architecture.

Specialty path

The specialty certification course has several different subjects for different AWS sections.

  • Big data – The specialty course allows one to offer analytics and skills about data architecture and how one can implement it using AWS tools for the best practice and outcome.
  • Networking – This course equips you to demonstrate your skills in networking processes, with in-depth knowledge on how to design, develop and deploy different AWS cloud technology.
  • Security – The course intends to teach individuals the role of enhancing the security of the AWS system with various data classifications and protection tools. It also teaches you about different Internet protocols, features of a secure production environment, and the risks associated with different AWS levels.
  • Machine learning – developers and data scientists can use this course to learn ML and AI that will unlock their business.

Tyson’s Institute has a couple of years with instructor-led AWS courses and an easy intake process for all aspiring students. Fill in your details online to begin the admission on all online learning options.


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